Mine from Them

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In my room, there are some stuffs. Some of them is a stuff from my friend or my family. Let's see the stuffs in my room

That's my book. I don't have a bookcase, so i put them in a tub. Actually, there are more books, but i can't put all of them in one tub.

That's one of my favorite stuff. That is a cute pencil case. That's a present from my friend in my seventeenth birthday...

That's also a present from my friend in my seventeenth birthday. That's a friable thing, so i have to keep it well. It's a good present, isn't It?

See... That's my bookcase. Just a little book that i can put there. There's a mug. I use it to put some candy. I like candy, so if i want to eat it, i just need to take it. Beside that, there are some books. Comik, Novel and many more...
There's also a calculator. I use it to do my homework or a task from school. don't have any negative thoughts, i school in Vocational High School, and i get an accounting majors. So calculator is one of important thing in my life...


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