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  1. Accourding to Onew, sphagetty is more interesting than Key
  2. Onew likes remember his moment with tofu when he was a cild
  3. Onew is graduated from IT High School
  4. Onew’s hobby is sleeping
  5. Onew hates if he is distrubed when he was reading
  6. Onew often smiles, but Taemin and key said that Onew will look strange when he was serious
  7. Onew’s favorite member from Super Junior is Leetuk
  8. Onew believes that you can change your destiny just by one word
  9. Onew always brings a rubix whereever he go, and will play it when he feel bored
  10. When he was a child, Onew often brings a food from his parent’s shop and devided it with his classmates
  11. Onew likes brushing her tooth linger long
  12. Onew has 2 MP3 Players cause he’s afraid if he battery will be low
  13. Onew wears a glasses when he’s dancing
  14. Onew thoughts, reading can help him to write a lyric
  15. For Onew, Minho is look like a manga character
  16. According to Taemin, Onew always acts as an oldest brother for SHINee’s members
  17. Onew has acted as a dog in front of SHINee’s members, but then he remeber that he is a human
  18. Yoogeun or chicken? The answer is .... CHICKEN!!! Why? Because chicken has lift with Onew for 22 years
  19. Sometime, Onew becomes autist for something
  20. Onew wants has much money, he want buy a ship and enjoy the freedom
  21. Onew said, Jong Hyun is a harp, Key is ‘Key’ , Minho is a book and Taemin is a drum
  22. Onew wants to learn how drawing
  23. Onew doesn’t care about making relationship or marrying
  24. He looks tender and reserved, but he has a big ambicious to be a humories person
  25. Used to, Onew, Jong Hyun and Taemin is diagnosed with swine flu
  26. Onew will speak fomaly with his wife if he has married later
  27. Onew is studious. When he was school, he got 2nd parallel rank.
  28. According to Onew, he is not speciall
  29. Onew wants to be Agusth is Agusth Rush
  30. Yoogeun has said that he is missing Onew Appa, that’s make his mother didn’t believe it
  31. Yoogeun’s mother asked again, and Yoogeun said, “I miss Onew appa.”
  32. Jonghyun is so happy when he know that he is younger than Onew
  33. Onew thoughts, that spend money for Taemin is a waste
  34. Onew will go to the animal husbandry and work there to show how long he will survive
  35. If you want to be Onew’s friend, minimal you have knowen him since he’s in Junior High School
  36. Since a child, Onew wanted to be a scientist
  37. If Onew has a girlfriend, he will sing and play a piano for her
  38. Onew doesn’t like if an other peple call him with his real name
  39. Onew’s ideal type : has character, good personality, know how to cooking well and has good attitude
  40. When he got the first time to perfom, he can’t see anything and forgot the lyric
  41. If Onew become a girl, he will choose Key as his couple. Because Key is uniq, has strong personality and interesting
  42. When he has to lead a speach, he sure that he doesn’t nerveous, but sometime he’s panic and will shout : “Umma...!!!”
  43. All of SHINee’s members is an only child or the last child
  44. Onew has a specialty to freeze the atmosphere by his words. But an other members thought if he’s funny when he do it
  45. Before he became a singer, Onew had joined in a concert after he followed a chasting
  46. For a long of concert, he sings “Do It” song
  47. Onew graduated from Changwoong University
  48. When he was in University,Onew took Broadcasting Music Major
  49. Kyuhyun Super Junior wrote : “Jinki (Onew) who has many secrets” in his ‘Thanks to-‘ in The Album
  50. Onew has Handphone’s Strap which big with black white lines like a tiger

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