100 Pertanyaan Majalah 'Ray' untuk SHINee

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01 Q: How did you chose your clothes for today? A : I chose what to wear everyday according to my mood
02 Q: What do you anticipate most for winter? A : I look forward to snow!
03 Q: The secret of keeping fit is..? A : To force myself to exercise everyday. Find my favourite photos and fashion to push me to achieve that
04 Q: Favourite Food A : Initially, it was Ramen, but now I like Beef rice. Beef rice is convenient (to eat) and delicious!
05 Q: Sport you want to try A : Golf! I’ve been watching it recently
06 Q: Do you reference for your fashion styles? A : Foreign celebrities’ outfits. I also go online to check for latest trends
07 Q: Korean Movie to recommend? A : “Sweet Life” – you are able to appreciate a man’s charming side, so i recommend this
08 Q: Favourite Japan Animation? A : “One Piece”!! I’ve been addicted to this for a few years already. Every character has their own personality, the story is very captivating too
09 Q: Favorite part in “One Piece”? A : When Luffy saved Robin, he shouted “We are comrades!”
10 Q: Which place do you want to visit in Japan? A : I want to watch a game of Japan’s football match
11 Q: Favourite winter outfit? A : Scarves and coat
12 Q: If you were to be reincarnated, what do you wish to be? A : An officer or a police. I feel their that their job to bring peace is very honourable
13 Q: What advice did BoA and TVXQ give? A : Our seniors told us to study Japanese hard. No matter what, we have to do the best, and to learn the Japanese work culture and ways
14 Q: Do you prefer girls with short or long hair? A : Long hair. I feel that there is a sense of female charm and mysteriousness
15 Q: If you have a time machine, will you want to visit the past or future? A : The past. I want to make use of all my experience to try all over again
16 Q: The most touching moment with Japanese fans? A : The audience were very close to the stage so we were highly motivated by their presence. Everyone sang with us and it feels good
17 Q: What does SHINee want to accomplish in Japan? A : A nationwide concert. Upon seeing our seniors’ concert, we highly hope to do one too.
18 Q: You will feel uncomfortable if you do not have (this thing) in your bag? A : MP3. I am used to listening music during breaks or practices so it is something I cannot live without
19 Q: A SHINee Song you will recommend for cheering people up? A : “A-yo”. Because it is full of energy
20 Q: What if you lose at something you are good at? A : I will not be satisfied and will work hard until I win back

21 Q: What’s your Personality? A : Not easily satisfied, if I want to achieve something, I will strive hard to get it
22 Q: Food that make you the happiest A : Meat! I feel at bliss even at the thought of it
23 Q: Recent Music Genre you listen to A : Popular Music with slow beat. I love the quiet melody of it
24 Q: Food that you hate. A : Brinjal/Eggplant – because it doesnt have any taste at all, the purple looks of it seem unappetising too
25 Q: The most shocking thing recently A : A staff member carried me and ran around. I thought it wasn’t possible, but I was lifted easily and he skipped!
26 Q: The most charismatic quality is.. A : Never give up, to work hard in order to improve oneself
27 Q: Favourite J-drama/movie A : “One Piece” Animation and Hayao Miyazaki works. His directed works are creative and spectacular
28 Q: Experienced any cultural shock? A : Broadcasted programmes will undergo very detailed checks before filming – I was suprised!
29 Q: Do you remember your debut stage performance? A : Of course! I will never forget the expression on everyone’s faces on our debut stage
30 Q: Name one failure you’ve experienced A : I worked hard to prepare a story to share but when I wanted to tell it, I totally forgot it .. it was so wasted
31 Q: Favourite female winter fashion? A : Long knitted apparel with a fur cap or scarve. I like a soft and warm look and feeling
32 Q: Favourite Japanese food? A : Beef Rice. BEcause it taste deliious (laughs)
33 Q: Favourite fashion style A : Skinny pants
34 Q: First thing you do in the morning A : Wash my face
35 Q: What do SHINee order when you all go out? A : Meat dishes
36 Q: Source of Energy? A : Fans!
37 Q: New hairstyle that you have been thinking of? A : To dye my hair BLACK
38 Q: Afraid of the cold or hot? A : Hot
39 Q: Do you like high, elevated places? A : Yes. I am not afraid, it’s thrilling and meaningful. The breeze is very cooling. I used to climb mountains when I was young
40 Q: Good thing being the youngest? A : To be younger by one or two years (laughs). Compared to hyungs, I have yet to experience many things, there are endless possibilities

41 Q: You do not want to lose in.. A: The ability to change the mood – from a noisy one to a quiet one. I often say cold jokes (laughs)
42 Q: Favourite season? A: Spring. Because the temperature is just right. The warm feeling make me want to go to the beach, so I like it
43 Q: Food you ate most recently A: Digestive medicine – ate too much (laughs)
44 Q: Listen or talk? A : 50-50. If it is an area of interest, I will talk a lot about it. If not, I will just pay attention to what others have to say
45 Q: Current Fashion Wants A : A huge coat – a best friend that helps to keep me warm during winter
46 Q: Impression of Japanese Girls A : Gentle, warm, charms of a young girl
47 Q: Strongest impression of a Japanese drama/film A: “Girl who travelled across time” Animation. I’ve watch the movie too! The idea to travel time is cool
48 Q: Most wanted holiday Destination A : Anyway is fine with me… But I really want to go to a beach where I can relax and hang out with good friends
49 Q: Recommended Winter destination in Korea A: Scenic Mountain scapes! Beaches! I love the ocean!
50 Q: Any thoughts about the Abbey Road Studios in London? A : Very happy! Extremely honoured to be the first Asian artist to perform there
51 Q: Thoughts for SM TOWN Live in Tokyo at Tokyo dome A : I am happy to be on the same stage with singers from the same company. If there is a chance, I wish SHINee can perform a solo concert there
52 Q: Which Japanese phrase will make you happy when you are praised with it? A : Any praise will make me happy! I am especially happy when they say “You sang very well”, “You have nice voice”
53 Q: A thing you must do before you sleep A : To drink a cup of water! this is to calm down my nerves
54 Q: Thinking back, what did you work hard to achieve your dream? A : Practice is important. Of course, I am still practicing myself.
55 Q: What were you like when you were in elementary school? A : Very active. I was a kid who will go to the field to run around every break time!
56 Q: Which SHINee song do you usually hum to A : ”Replay”, it can be said that it was our starting song. From the start, we had a profound love for it
57 Q: Things you do before a concert A : Be nervous (laughs). I feel that if there is no slight sense of nervousness, I will become easily tired
58 Q: Things you want to do the most now A : Travel and eat. I want to try all the famous stalls around the world. If I can travel and eat at the same time, it would be twice as great!
59 Q: What do you want to challenge yourself in the future? A : Musical instruments
60 Q: When are you most focused? A : Music programs and on the stage – i will work very hard

61 Q: What do people label you as? A : I often hear people saying that I am full of energy – active
62 Q: What do you normally do to change your mood? A : If I have troubles, I will try my best to solve them
63 Q: What do you think of during a performance? A : Since I will think about the choreography before I perform, after I go on the stage, I will think of how to perform it later
64 Q: Recommend a Korean food. A : Dobukki (rice cake). Because it is convenient to eat and it taste good, so please try it! It is considered a snack yet it can fill your stomach when you are hungry
65 Q: What do you do during your free time? A : Meet up my friends, shop and practice occasionally.
66 Q: What character would you want to play in a film? A : I want to play ”Key” – not only I can film it happily, I can get to know myself better
67 Q: Who do you want to work with – a singer. A : Our senior, BoA… However, I’ve already performed with her several times on SMTOWN Live
68 Q: Your childhood dream. A : Singer, Artist.
69 Q: Place you want to go. A : Alaska. It can be relaxing there
70 Q: A style you want to try is.. A : To match anything with socks. I want to try various types of socks.
71 Q: The happiest moment up till now. A : The present moment. Everyday will have it’s various qualities to look forward to
72 Q: A song to recommend when you are in love. A : “Kiss Kiss Kiss”. The lyrics are good and if a guy sang that to a girl, she will be touched! (laughs)
73 Q: What would you do if you have your own show in Japan? A : A variety show! Like “SmapxSmap” etc, it would be great if we can talk our hearts out with the special guests. I guess I have to buck up on Japanese! (laughs)
74 Q: What makes your existence worthwhile? A : Same age good friends, Parents and my Granny
75 Q: What is interesting about Japan’s music show? A : Eventhough it is broadcasted live, the stage keeps changing – it was a very fresh sight, hence interesting!
76 Q: Food you are best at cooking? A : Charcoal grilled italian spaghetti. I learned that in a Korean variety show, I even taught Taemin. Even though it was troublesome to do grocery shopping, I still made the dish many times!
77 Q: Something that made you happy recently. A : On my birthday (9/23), we returned back to our dorm late at night after shooting, and i found a present, given by jonghyun, on my bed.
78 Q: The most relaxing place is..? A : Home. It is not just the place I grew up from, but I consider the hotel we live in overseas, or the dorm we live in Korea as my home too.
79 Q: Is your bagpack large or small? A : Very huge. Because it can contain many things (laughs)
80 Q: Will you give opinions regarding your hairstyle? A : Of course! I constantly think of my next concept for my hairstyle
Jong Hyun

81 Q: Your Philosophy. A : Instead of trying hard to accept someone, we should acknowledge their weaknesses and strenghts
82 Q: Favourite part of your body A : Shoulders
83 Q: What do you feel when you are on stage? A : Very Happy. But it depends on the mood of the song.. but usually, I am very “high” (literally stated by him)
84 Q: Talk about what qualities make SHINee something you are proud of? A : Ability to overcome any problems. Not just music, dance or fashion, we are able to work together to give the best effect
85 Q: The most nervous time is..? A : When I am at the backstage. On the stage, I will constantly tell people to get “High”, so I won’t feel nervous.
86 Q: A singer you recently took notice of is..? A : Mika! He is a British singer, a very unique person and he has an individualistic voice – I like his uniqueness
87 Q: Favourite character in Japanese anime is..? A : “Starship Cowboy“‘s Spikey.
88 Q: What would you have pursued if not for SHINee? A : I’ll probably form a band or study music
89 Q: What are you cautious of to keep yourself fit? A : Exercise. I will do some weight-lifting – not only it is good for my health, it can keep my body in shape
90 Q: What is the activity that will make you lose track of time? A : Games in Android Phones! It is really fun to play!
91 Q: When do you feel most blissful? A : When I am able to confidently prepare for something
92 Q: Talk about your recent goals A : To master Japanese!
93 Q: When do you feel that “to become a member of SHINee is the best!” A : When I’m on the stage and during recording for our albums
94 Q: What cars do you want to drive? A : Jeep! Because the wheels are large hence the view I get is really wide so I like it.
95 Q: Recently used Japanese word is..? A : “Eh~!” (to call someone). I usually use that to joke around (laughs)
96 Q: What do you do on the car when you move from one place to another? A : Listen to music or watch anime
97 Q: What activities make you feel that you have matured? A : I have not thought about that, I think only those who have yet to mature will think of these things..
98 Q: What kind of kid were you? A : A very optimistic person who loves to play with friends
99 Q: The most relaxing moment A : After bathing, almost falling asleep
100 Q: Talk about the group’s dreams A : To keep our unique qualities as SHINee, and never to lose our direction and faith
Kor – Chi translation : 肉兔子// WithTaemin
Chi – Eng translation : soundtracklove@soom
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